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Cotton Club Crew #3: Finding a finish

Failing to finish against a down Texas squad costs Tech the series.

That weekend sucked pretty bac, thankfully a new week ahead. Not that it is starting super great with another baseball walk-off loss, this time against way outclassed New Mexico.

The guys are back talking lots of baseball, and joining the main show for the first time is Chris! He has been killing it on the mailbag so we tagged him into the lineup for the first time.

The guys go through the walk-off losses, the bullpen, and the positives to be gleamed from a brutal week. After that, they talk about McCasland and the increasingly likely reality he is the next head coach of Texas Tech after the NIT ends.

His tough Mean Green squad rallied against Wisconsin, holding the Badgers scoreless for nine minutes to secure the comeback victory. The guys break down his squad, what has allowed the success they have had, and what should Tech fans actually expect from a coach who may secure some hardware this weekend?