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Cotton Club Crew Mailbag #2: Troubles on the diamond

Chris is back answering the pressing questions, with a heavy dose of baseball and softball talk.

A potentially fun weekend turned into quite the stinker. Near miss on the basketball court, followed by a weekend of near misses for baseball and softball.

Our guy Chris is back to answer you questions after that hellish weekend in Austin. He talks about what went wrong for baseball, and how we should view the team after the sweep.

He also talks about Softball, who came inches away from two huge top 10 road wins. Are the Red Raiders for real?

Next, he talks more about Tech’s coaching situation. It seems likely McCasland will be the guy, but how likely is it? And should we be excited about the hire if that is who it is? Speaking of coaching changes, word has come out that Rodney Terry will be staying in Austin.

Chris looks at that hire for what it is. Is it an overreaction for a coach who has not had much career success? Or did his efforts holding the team together warrant a chance to run the whole show?