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Hub City Homers: The End

The second edition of the mailbag also announces the end of the Hub City Homers brand.

By now you should be aware we have joined a new network, Fans First Sports Network, and have even changed our brand in light of this move. But, it felt fitting that the final episode under the former brand be our newest content, the mailbag with Chris.

We will be back shortly, as in like two days from now barring technical difficulties, with the new network fully up and going. In fact, we may even use our limited time between network transitions (SBN is moving all feeds to a new platform, however, the new network then has to immediately bring everything back to our original platform. That is life with the old guard unfortunately. Thanks to the FFSN team for dealing with a really tough situation to limit the dead time) we will likely introduce a brand new show joining our catalogue with some familiar faces!

In the meantime, enjoy the swan song of the brand we have worked so hard to bring to life. Saying goodbye to the old logo I made with a free business card app, and hello to the new brand that we are putting even more of ourselves in.

Enough sappy goodbyes, we are barely even pausing. Let’s get right to it!

Chris is back answering the pressing questions around Tech sports. From the track team’s narrow miss at the Indoor National Championship, to some hot sleepers for your March Madness bracket.