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Hub City Homers Special: Tropical vibes only

The Red Raiders hit the beaches for the Maui Invitational.

Texas Tech does not have this grand, world-beating nonconference slate. Even the Big East challenge this year is a joke, with wounded puppy Georgetown hobbling into Lubbock for a beating.

But this coming week, for a few days, Tech will be pushed to the limit. It starts Monday, with highly touted Creighton up first. From there, either a struggling Louisville squad or a talented Arkansas roster would be up next. With a crowded field, lots of top 25 potential, and early season kinks still being worked out this will be quite the contest.

Jack and Kendall break it all down for you all, talking about the potential matchups, what to expect in game one, and how Tech can work their way through this bracket and earn some resume defining wins.

This is the meat of the nonconference for the Red Raiders, this is where they can make their mark as a top 25 team before Big 12 play. It ain’t easy, but it Mark Adams is ready to let the street dogs eat.