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Texas Tech goes Bear Hunting

Red Raiders take down #1 in Waco

NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at Baylor Chris Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech has done the unthinkable. They have went into Waco without their top player and beaten the #1 ranked Baylor Bears 65-62

I’m not gonna lie to you, this is the last thing I expected but dammit Tech did it. This is one for the record books. This is some of our staffs immediate reactions to just a phenomenal game.

Kendall Phipps: Wow. Just wow. I never could’ve expected this. Not only did Tech go in and compete, they WON. Tech has just went on the road, without their best player, and won the damn game. This is one for the history books. Tech was downright elite on defense all game and they didn’t even give Baylor a chance in the second half. When this team is at full strength, the Big 12 needs to look out.

Tech came in with nobody expecting them to even be close, not even Vegas. 40 minutes later and boom, Tech is walking out of Waco with a W. Quit doubting the Red Raiders.

Jack Bell: Unbelievable. It was always Mark Adams wasn’t it? Tech keeps piling on gutsy performances and I can’t really see a better defensive basketball team in the conference, dare I say the country right now. Davion Warren had two huge free throws and MSS was playing clutch defense all night. I have to talk about Adonis Arms as well. What a performance from the Winthrop transfer (Get Wrecked Mayer). Kevin McCullar was huge tonight as well, along with Bryson Williams and Kevin Obanor.

Mark Adams has managed to come up with two fantastic game plans over the last four days, and the team has executed to almost perfection. My stat of the night is Tech becoming the third team in five years to be down 15 on the road at #1 and win the game, joining SFA (Duke) and BYU (Gonzaga). Celebrate tonight. Get ready for OKST. starting tomorrow.

Michael Macon: Holy sh*t what a comeback! For more serious analysis, GET WRECKED BAYLOR! Okay for real this was an incredible defensive performance, and I want to make sure MSS doesn’t get forgotten here. Nadolny, McCullar, Williams, Obanor and Arms deservedly get a lot of attention but MSS was insane tonight defending Baylor’s very good guards.

Chris Salazar: What a win for this program. Just when you thought that maybe Tech needs to be fully healthy to compete with the likes of Baylor they put on a performance like this!

With Shannon hopefully on the right track to comeback, this team is looking to pile up wins and move up the rankings with authority.

Jimi Spadewick: I know we joke about Coach Adams fighting a bear especially when it wasn’t even a real bear. Adams took the Red Raiders into hostile territory and won this fight against the Bears. Adams is a fighter!

Those close to him knew Coach Adams is a fighter. Don’t let his calm demeanor fool you. Adams is a killer and a basketball mastermind. Adams can coach! The world is finding that out as we speak.

Enjoy your night Red Raiders! Savor this! The future of Tech basketball is in the perfect hands.