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Hub City Homers #23: Revenge and a musket

Tech smashes the Cyclones and the team looks ahead to West Virginia.

Revenge is a dish best served with monster slams. The team gets to recap the full-strength Red Raiders getting their revenge over the Iowa State Cyclones.

The guys break down the win, how the Red Raiders can improve off the performance and what the wind revealed.

Next up, as in tomorrow morning (again editor apology for the late drop on this episode my boss won’t accept podcast editing as an excuse to not do my job) the Mountaineers come to town. Unlike previous years, this is neither a good nor bad squad they are just kind of mediocre. But life in the Big 12 is wild, any team can beat you at any time.

So, the team talks West Virginia and how Tech can avoid taking a home loss they cannot afford in the hellishly deep conference. Tech is on a roll, and to keep being in the Big 12 title hunt this is the kind of game they should win and hopefully win big.