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There’s a new face of Texas Tech basketball

Mark Adams says no thanks to Austin to stay in West Texas and be the head man for the Red Raiders

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

After a whirlwind of a weekend in Texas Tech athletics, there’s finally some good news to be heard. Longtime assistant coach Mark Adams is taking over at the helm and is being named the head coach at Texas Tech. After the abrupt and quite suspect departure of Chris Beard, many people including myself are glad to see a good hire this early into the search.

After some details began coming out on the Beard hiring at UT, it was apparent that one massive piece of his coaching staff did not make the trip to Austin. That man was Mark Adams. Not only did he not go, but supposedly he had some fiery words with Beard regarding the whole ordeal. If that doesn’t get you ready for our home and home series with the Longhorns next season, I’m not sure what will.

Adams has had a long coaching career, with stops primarily all over the great state of Texas. He has an overall record of 554-244 as a head coach, while also leading one of the nation’s best and most consitent defensives at Tech the last five seasons. The best difference between him and Beard? Adams is actually a Texas Tech graduate, so I’d be surprised to see him run to UT anytime soon like somebody else we know.

Within the first few hours of the Adams hire being announced, two key pieces of the Red Raiders squad also announced they would be staying here. Guard Kevin McCullar said on Twitter that he would be returning to Lubbock for another season and Kyler Edwards decided to take his name out of the transfer portal. This is huge for Adams and the program as a whole, but possibly also helping us lure some guys to stay as well. We have yet to hear anything from players such as TJ Shannon and Mac McClung, so it would be great if they were to stick around as well.

While this is a smart move statistically and analytically, this was most definitely the most popular hire as well. Former players have come out in droves in support of him as a coach/person and somebody who deserved the head spot in Lubbock.

With Kirby Hocutt now settling on Adams as head coach, the attention shifts to retaining as many pieces as you can, along with bringing in some other names to help out for both coaching and playing. There are massive amounts of players on the transfer market this offseason, so I am confident we will find some guys to have an immediate impact.

I am interested to see what the two guys who entered the portal end up doing, as they are still able to return to Texas Tech if they choose to. Our big time high school commit Jaylon Tayson is still also solid on Tech, and I’m sure Adams can get him to stay that way.

At the end of the day, I believe this is the best hire we could have possibly made. He knows the in and outs of our program, he knows the guys in the locker room, and he knows how to win. Lets not forget that Adams is the defensive mastermind, not Chris Beard. What once looked like a doomed path of disparity for Red Raider basketball, now looks like a rejuvinated group of guys with even more determination than before.

A new coach, a new era, and a newfound reason to go and kick Texas’ ass.

Let’s Ride Coach Adams!