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BREAKING: Kevin McCullar announces his intent to remain a Red Raider

Mark Adams is already doing work.

Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

The fear of every Texas Tech fan was after Beard leaves the entire roster would disintegrate. Kyler Edwards was out the door, Marcus Santos-Silva was out the door, and Kevin McCullar was eyeing the exit.

Enter the new king of West Texas, Mark Adams.

McCullar the garbage man of Tech with his tenacity to make every play was going to be entering a critical third season with the Red Raiders. He already has the hustle, the defense, and the athleticism. In year three if his jump shot continues to improve he will go from a 10 ppg guy to a 15 ppg guy to go along with assists and rebounds and steals.

This is a critical building block for Tech. Kirby clearly picked the right man for the job.