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Texas Tech didn’t lose its best coach this week

It’s time we appreciate and toast our baseball coach.

This Thursday, our campus, fanbase, and athletic department was rocked by the departure of the head basketball coach, who I will not give any more press time by typing his name. While most of us were astounded by the news and insulted by the contact details, I have to tell you something that may surprise you, but it might not.....We didn’t lose our best coach on campus.

Hell...we didn’t even lose our second best either.

The true “street dog” of this campus is none other than Tim Tadlock. A coach who truly loves everything about Lubbock and actually respects this University. A coach who is soft spoken and one who’s character is very apparent already.

Our baseball team has four College World Series appearances under Tadlock. They also have three Big 12 titles and five 45+ win seasons. Above all else Tadlock has two National Coach of the Year Awards ( ‘14, ‘18).

If the Red Raiders get back to Omaha this year, it will mark three straight years that Tech has gotten to the final eight teams.

A couple of years ago, a school in Austin tried to poach Tadlock, crazy right? Well, it was to Tadlock, who immediately shut down the rumors and signed an extension with Texas Tech.

That is what we call loyalty on the South Plains.

I want to leave you with this:

Tim Tadlock is Texas Tech and Texas Tech is Tim Tadlock.

If you want to support the #4 Red Raiders, who are 20-4 overall, their next home game is next Friday at 6:30 p.m. at Dan Law Field against TCU.

Folks, it’s baseball season, so get out and support our baseball team who is lead by a truly loyal coach.