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BREAKING: Kyler Edwards decides to remain a Red Raider

The good news just keeps pouring in.

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Good golly Miss Molly, today has completely changed the trajectory of Tech basketball. Yet another critical piece to this program’s future success has decided to return to Raiderland. Kyler Edwards may not have taken the step to become a superstar this past season, but his development as a player is not over yet.

With more consistency and polish on the offensive end Edwards could fly up the draft board. Kyler does so many things right already, and his leadership will prove crucial as every year we see the value of multi-year heavy rosters.

Most importantly, this shows how strongly the belief is in Mark Adams by these guys. Both McCullar and Edwards could have defected to go find other programs, but Mark Adams has sold them on his vision for the future.

The level of excitement I am feeling right now is barely expressible here in this short news piece. The clouds seem to be rolling away, and the future is extremely bright in Lubbock.