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Texas Tech can stay in the national picture

Chris Beard leaving does not mean the good times in Lubbock have to end.

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

There is a lot of uncertainty around the program, and a lot of fear of what it will lead to. The biggest fear being that the wrong hire is made, the roster implodes, and Tech is finished as a relevant basketball power.

This fate seems looming as every day there seems to be another hit, and more defections seem to be coming soon. But this fate can be avoided, and the program can stay in the upper echelons.

While I support Mark Adams for the head job, this article is just going to focus on the destination Tech has become for top tier basketball. The infrastructure that will help the next coach build Tech back up and surpass where Beard took the program.


The United Supermarkets Arena is a palace. While it is maybe arguably a little big, the actual building itself is as impressive as any in basketball. No, it does not have the history or clout of the truly feared venues but it is as nice and up to date as any.

From the outside it is a striking feature on campus, resting on a hill with the Spanish architecture the campus is known for. Once inside the facility is immaculate, with a redone floor and recently upgraded video system.

But while a great arena is all fine and dandy, the practice facilities are where the fight is one. And wouldn’t you know it, Texas Tech is opening a state of the art multi-million dollar practice spot for the men and women to enjoy. The Womble Basketball Center was the crown jewel of the investment Beard demanded the program make, and the next coach will get to preside over practice is the beautiful facility.

The Fans

Tech fans always back a winner, and they have now fully embraced this program and show up in droves. They are engaged, knowledgeable, and passionate. That won’t changed anytime soon with how united the fans are right now. This program has given the fans a taste of success, and they are willing to give everything they can to help Tech keep the success coming.

Administration Support

Chris Beard made tons of demands of the school, and Tech delivered across the board. The assistant budget was massive, and the donors ponied up a fortune to upgrade facilities. Hell, they were even going to downsize the USA because Chris wanted a more intimate environment to play in.

The next coach will come to a school that is willing to give its’ guy the keys to the kingdom. Come to Tech and if you win they will give you whatever you need to keep winning. At a lot of schools that is not true, even winning won’t get the school to back you.

Chris Beard has made his choice, and if he wants to downgrade so be it. Next year may or may not be rough, but it is just reality that Tech has turned itself into a premier basketball destination. The support and facilities are there, and Beard leaving won’t change that. Hocutt has a tremendous amount of pressure to get this hire right, but the next guy will have everything he needs to win.