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Red Raider Ravioli: the great silence period

There’s no sport until September, but there’s a reasonment to do


after a week of pausa, Red Raider Ravioli comes back to you with a bunch of mixed feelings. The baseball season finished a couple of weeks ago, and it was something we’ll remember for a while as the team, despite injuries and various problems, fought with intensity the last out.

On the other hand, the first days of July mean that there are two months of silence waiting for fans (and for writers, too). We’ll come back to life in September when the football season will begin its season. To some extent, I’m glad if no news is released: usually, in this period of the year, if something happens is not positive (arrests, dismissals, transfers). So it’s something like “no news, good news”.

Oklahoma State v Texas Tech Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

There’s something I want to share with you, and it’s not about football. Or, at least, not only about football. I was happy, very happy to see how many success the basketball team and the baseball team had during their season.

And I’m not talking about results on the court or on the field, no, sir. I’m talking about the success those two teams had among fans, in their two fantastic seasons. We saw how many Red Raiders supporters there were in Dallas and in Boston, at the TD Garden, to see the basketball team live its dream to reach the Elite Eight. We saw the Dan Law Field packed for the postseason games, and how many Texas Tech supporters there were in Omaha.

I admit results always help, but I really hope this will be a further step to see Texas Tech as a multisport school. There’s the real possibility to do so.

Alla prossima!