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Wednesday Matador Mailbag 9.14.16

It's that time of the week to take a look at the Matador Mailbag!

Time to answer some Red Raider fans' questions as we get you ready for this week's matchup against the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs. Let's get right to it!

If they don't come out on Saturday and play with emotion, they're in trouble. Coming back home to the Jones will definitely get this team pumped up and anxious to get back on track. Red Raider Nation will be ready to support the boys!

He is definitely an option to consider seeing as though Tech doesn't have a real "power back" on the roster. However, based on the Air Raid style of offense, he might not see eye to eye with Tech. Range also has an offer from the University of South Florida.

Based on the first two games and Tech's lack of ability to establish a running game thus far, I would have to say Mahomes. If the offensive line again struggles to give him time in the pocket, Mahomes could find himself scrambling a lot to make plays happen. Stockton may chip in a few yards, but he will likely be used more in the passing game. 

I would like to see the outside receivers get more touches. I think since there are a few new faces in this receiver group contributing more than last year, they may still be trying to gel with Mahomes and the rest of the offense. Derrick Willies I feel should be more involved on the outside based on his size and ball skills he's demonstrated in camp.

In my opinion, it's a long shot. I do believe the Big 12 is more up for grabs this year than last year. Oklahoma lost in Week 1, losing out on the CFB Playoff and possible chances at the title and TCU was upset in overtime by Arkansas, dropping them out of the Top 25. Right now Tech is near the bottom in the Big 12 power rankings at eight (ESPN) mostly based on their defensive performance vs. ASU. I feel a new team in this conference could emerge as the favorite, but Tech needs to start winning consistently now to have a legitimate chance. 

I felt this too. This team had it together in the first half last week as the defense forced ASU to punt three times in the first half, but of course there were eight more drives all ending in touchdowns. There are times during games, especially against tough opponents, when both sides of the ball have it together but it doesn't last the duration of the game. This team has shown they can get it together for a full game and I think this one will be one of them. 

I hope there won't be a game like that ever again. Unfortunately I can see Big 12 quarterbacks and running backs putting up big numbers against this Tech defense again. Hopefully not tying or breaking NCAA records. I think it was a bit of a fluke, but this defense still needs A LOT of work. 

Someday Tech's defense will be great! I think it's about trusting Gibbs for a little while longer. He still needs time to get HIS recruits on this unit and he has an almost completely new assistant staff this year. We need to give it all time to mesh. Plus, retaining the same coordinator for at least a few more seasons will be good for this team in terms of truly building this defense up. I don't know about ya'll but I'm tired of changing defensive coordinators every year.  

Thank you all for submitting your questions for this week's Matador Mailbag! Be sure to follow us on Twitter so you can be a part of next week's one