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VTM Staff Predictions: Texas Tech (1-0) at Arizona State (1-0)

The Red Raiders travel to Tempe this weekend in what should be a shootout.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Last week VTM's staff predicted an average score of a 56-21 Texas Tech win over Stephen F. Austin. The Red Raiders ended up winning 69-17, so the staff was off by 13 for Texas Tech and only 4 for SFA. The VTM staff's prediction was an average margin of victory of 35 points but in reality the Red Raiders won by 52. So as a whole we did predict a convincing win but Texas Tech seems to have outperformed what we all were predicting. How will the staff lean this week? Is anyone taking Arizona State?

Drew Parker

This is the game that a lot of Tech fans have circled on their calendar as one that could potentially trip us up early. Me, not so much. Arizona State has a better offense than SFA, and a better defense than them as well. They will probably put up a fair amount of points, but in the end Tech should win pretty convincingly. However, it doesn't stop me from being nervous about Saturday night.

Texas Tech 38, Arizona State 24

Kyle Jacobson

Arizona State is obviously a huge step up from Stephen F. Austin. We're about to find out what kind of team Texas Tech has this season. For many of our starters, this will be their first time to play on the road at this level, which could rattle the team early. I predict a slow start for our defense but a strong start from our offense, making it a close game at halftime. David Gibbs will make his signature halftime adjustments, and the Red Raiders will be in better shape late in the game and wear down the Sun Devils, pulling away late.

Texas Tech 45, Arizona State 31

Maitland Rutledge

Both teams face their first "real" opponents for the season. Like Tech in Week 1, the Sun Devils took care of business against an FCS team 44-13. ASU and Tech's offenses will light up the scoreboard in Tempe, AZ but the Red Raiders come out on top.

Texas Tech 42, Arizona State 35

Eric Linthicum

ASU ran the ball a lot last week and all five of their touchdowns were on the ground. We should get an understanding of how much the defense has or has not improved, especially against the run. ASU Sophomore Manny Wilkins will be starting in the second game of his career and will have to get the ball in the air if he wants a chance to win. Superior QB play by Texas Tech will be the biggest difference in this one.

Texas Tech 52, Arizona State 24

Brice Paterik

Tech gets out to an early lead in the first quarter and forces at least one key turnover in the first half to take a big league going into the half. Tech's offense sputters in the second half and the defense gives up a couple of big rushes but Tech holds on to win the day.

Texas Tech 42, Arizona State 30

Jonathan Althaus

This one could very well turn into a shootout, and quickly. Both teams will start out fast and the defenses won't be able to keep up. Going into the half, Tech leads 27-24. ASU pulls ahead briefly in the 3rd quarter before the endurance of our defense gives us the edge. At that point, both sides of the ball favor the Red Raiders, with Mahomes having one of the best games of his career. He passes for over 500 yards, and both the defense and special teams make big plays to inflate the score a bit.

Texas Tech 69, Arizona State 31

Austin Jordan

If the Sun Devils have their way, this game plays out on the ground. If we have our way, both sides try to throw the ball all over the yard. I think Tech eventually imposes their will as a slow, close game opens up in the second half and Tech hangs on to win it. Both QBs will score on the ground but Mahomes' passing talent will shine.

Texas Tech 41, Arizona State 35

Drew Borsellino

The Red Raiders will face a tougher opponent in the Sun Devils. Arizona St had back to back 10-win seasons but then went 6-7 last year. This one should be a pretty good game but in the end the Red Raiders' offense is just too much. Mahomes had almost 500 yards passing through 2.5 quarters so for this week I'm predicting 500+ passing yards and 6 total touchdowns. I think this is going to be a fun one.

Texas Tech 69, Arizona State 45

Average Final Score: Texas Tech 49.75, Arizona State 31.875

So it looks like as a staff we're essentially calling for a 50-32 ball game resulting in a 18-point Texas Tech win. What do you think VTM viewers, is that what you had in mind?