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Gameday Thread: Texas Tech vs. Arizona State

Give us your final predictions and instant reactions in this week's gameday thread...

After starting off strong against the Lumberjacks of Stephen F. Austin last week, Texas Tech is back in action tonight against the Sun Devils of Arizona State. This is the most anticipated non-conference game of the season for the Red Raiders, and should give fans an indication of where the team is at before Big 12 play starts to heat up in a few weeks.


This week, our staff made predictions of how the game would turn out. We also took a look around the Big 12, analyzed the historical significance of the Texas Tech/Arizona State matchup, and updated everyone on the Goin’ Band.


Kickoff is set for 9:00 central on Fox Sports 1 and can be listened to on the radio on Double T 97.3 in Lubbock or can be streamed on from anywhere.

So pace yourselves, tailgaters, and join us in the gameday thread below during the game!