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Revised Finalists, Big 12 Expansion Bracket: West Region

After some cheating was caught, we have a new West finals matchup!

Cheaters never win, remember that kids. We here at VTM found that some Houston fans ran a script on the 2nd round West matchups to rig it for Houston to win. Colorado St was winning easily but once these dudes ran their little script on the vote Houston surpassed the Rams to move on to the finals. Since we caught this and have proof (see below) we are redoing the West final and awarding Colorado State the Cougars' spot. Also, there was no script on the CSU/BYU matchup despite what the person mentions below. It was actual fans voting. This vote will take place in Google Docs to ensure no cheating happens. The East region final vote is also live!


This poll and the East region final will end at 11:59 PM CST on Sunday 8/7. A winners article will go up on 8/8. Get to voting!

(4) Colorado St vs (2) BYU

Colorado State

Enrollment: 32,236

Endowment: $284.4 Million

TV Market: Greater Denver area, 2.8 million population

The Rams have had some successful seasons recently and even won 10 games in 2014. Colorado St is now looking to turn that on-field success into financial success by being added to a Power 5 conference. The addition of Colorado St would get the Big 12 back into the greater Denver TV market and help the conference with exposure in the Rocky Mountain area. Will Big 12 schools think Colorado St has the drawing power of other potential additions though? Will they view Colorado St as a legitimate school that can compete with the big boys? If they don't end up in the Big 12, the Rams my find themselves in the Pac-12 one of these days.

Brigham Young University

Enrollment: 29,672

Endowment: $1.47 Billion

TV Market: Salt Lake City-Provo-Orem area, 1,150,000 million population

BYU has public school enrollment numbers and the private school big bucks endowment. The school would open a new TV market for the Big 12 with the greater Salt Lake City area and it'd stretch the recruiting efforts westward. There have been some talks about the Cougars joining as a football-only school but I wonder just how difficult it'd be to schedule around Sundays. BYU also has BYUtv which is a TV network founded in 2001. The network shows BYU oriented programming and some sporting events. Will Big 12 schools be okay with someone joining as football-only? Will the conference want to stretch across three time zones? How would the Big 12 handle BYUtv? All these questions will be tabled when expansion discussions take place.