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Texas Tech issues statement on UH expansion

Texas Tech University is in favor of expansion, and Houston is one of their picks.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Big 12 social media burned to the ground yesterday when Texas officials came out in support of UH heading to the Big 12. Today, Texas Tech issued a statement as well.


Texas Tech is going to bet on Houston for Big 12 expansion as well. While this does not mirror the sentiments of damn near every single Texas Tech fan, alumni, or writer, it's becoming more and more apparent that Houston will be one of the teams the Big 12 invites if they decide to expand.

It's a little ridiculous that we have to keep on doing this song and dance, like a pair that have run out of things to talk about stuck doing the two step in an unnecessarily long country song, but here we are all the same.

We're going to expand. It's probably going to be Houston. It's fine though, this just puts Tom Herman closer to Baylor's poaching hands.

Time to riot. Sound off in the comments.