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Adding The Grades Up: Red Raiders in The NFL Draft

Today we look at the buzz around some Red Raiders who will be in this year's NFL Draft. What does everyone think about these guys?

John Weast/Getty Images

The NFL Draft is tonight. It's Christmas morning for every NFL fan anxiously waiting to see what toy they will get to add to their collection. Die-hard college football fans are also watching closely to see where their favorite players are headed for a professional career. It's noted that Texas Tech was shutout in last year's draft having zero Red Raiders being picked up, but that streak will cease to exist over the next couple of days in this year's draft. Across different scouting reports like CBS and, the various Red Raiders that declared for the draft were graded and critiqued. I've looked across those sites and complied the consensus on each player.

Le'Raven Clark

I enjoyed watching this guy block for the four years he wore the Double T. In those years he was named Freshman All-American, three time All Big-12, and starting all four years. There is no doubt that he will be getting a phone call soon from an NFL team. Across the NFL website, CBS, and Dallas Morning News, he is projected to be either taken in the first or second round. The optimism in me is telling me that he will be drafted in the first round. Across all reports, everyone is talking about his versatility and his NFL ready body. The downside to picking up Le'Raven is his footwork, which was noticed by CBS and NFL scouting reports. Something that is optimistic about his ability to be NFL ready is a transition from Air-Raid to a Pro offense which could play more to his strengths.

DeAndre Washington

Back to back 1,000 rushing yard seasons is impressive in any rite, but for DeAndre Washington, it's impressive to do it in an Air-Raid offense. According to NFL and CBS scouting reports, his speed isn't the most impressive when compared to the league, but it's his toughness and versatility. It's the confidence in his running that will catch the attention of teams in the later rounds. He run tough, but it's his size that will really hinder his shot to make a pro career. Across NFL, CBS, and Dallas Morning News, all have him being drafted in the sixth or seventh round. If he's given the right chance, I can see him being drafted late sixth round, but being a promising back for the team that takes him.

Jakeem Grant

Jakeem is a thrilling player and always deserves a double take when he makes insane cuts or somehow creates room out of a jam. NFL and CBS both cited his speed being one of the biggest reasons that Jakeem should have a shot at the league, but with that said, his size is tough to overlook. Scouts are concerned with his frame and his ability to go up against NFL hits. It's also noted that he has a small catching radius which would require an accurate quarterback. He would have to clean up his habit to drop balls in kickoffs and even in receiving if he wants to be drafted. His athleticism and the fact that he is now Texas Tech's all time receiver is warranting looks to be drafted in the sixth or seventh round.

Pete Robinson

It's his toughness and frame that has caught the attention of scouts. He isn't the best OLB option in the draft but for any team he can be a steal. According to the Dallas Morning News, his flexibility to learn defenses could earn him a late round pickup or even a quick turnaround to sign as a free agent, He played underneath five different defensive coordinators which shows that he was ready to be put anywhere. CBS wrote that he could be a problem for an offense even when he isn't near to passer. It's his ability to contain the run, or beat around the corner that has been his praise.

The best of luck to all the Red Raiders entering the draft. You've made Red Raider nation proud in the years that you all played and forged memories for a lifetime.