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What We Want From Texas Tech Football In 2016

Several members of the VTM staff have a roundtable on what we want out of Texas Tech Football in 2016

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Editor's Note: This is not all that we want from a Texas Tech campaign in 2016. These are simply the things that would make us individually happy.

Drew Borsellino:

I want to see Patrick Mahomes flexing his muscle after throwing his 5th TD pass of the game in a double-digit win against Oklahoma while Baker Mayfield stands on the sideline with a dumbfounded look on his face. That my friends is what I want to see the most in 2016. This would of course go down as a huge win for Texas Tech against OU and it would put Mahomes in the national spotlight. A win against Oklahoma in mid-October could be a springboard for Texas Tech to finish its season strong.

Brice Paterik:

I want to see us hold a team that isn't Kansas under 20 points. I know it feels like I'm asking a whole bunch but I'm really not. Honestly if this defense can consistently hold teams under 30 Tech can definitely win the Big XII.

Hunter Cooke:

I want to see Texas Tech down in the first half, down but not out. Maybe a 17 point deficit. Then I want to see us come roaring back to win the game by 30. I want this team to respond to adversity in a dominating fashion.

In the past, Texas Tech hasn't responded well to adversity. I want to see this team not only respond and win the game, but win in a dominating fashion. If it's against a Big XII team, even better. If it's a team we haven't beaten in a while, like an OSU or a Baylor, that's just icing on the cake.

Kyle Jacobson:

I want to see the team respond well to significant adversity. Over the past few years this is something Texas Tech simply hasn't done. Whether its failure to claw their way back into a game when trailing or failing to show up for the next week's game after a loss, it seems that if one thing goes wrong the whole season starts spiraling out of control. So I would like to see us get up off the mat and keep swinging.

Zachary Reed:

I want our outside receivers to have more production than our inside receivers, with one of them surpassing 1,000 yards. Since Kliff got here, the leading receiver each year has lined up inside, with Grant the past two years and Amaro the year before. We have not had an outside receiver get 1,000 yards since Eric Ward and Darrin Moore each did in 2012. When games are close, an outside, deep threat is imperative. Last year, Baylor, TCU and OU's best receivers lined up outside and could go get the ball over defenders. It's too hard to isolate a receiver in the middle of the field. I think Willies is that guy this year, and he becomes the first outside receiver with 1,000 yards in some time.

Jonathan Althaus:

The one thing I want to see the Red Raiders do on the football field this season is what used to be commonplace in The Jones, a 70 point performance in a win by over 40 points. The offense exerts its will on the other team, scoring at a video game pace because the scheme and players are that much better than the opponent. Scoring is sexy, and it brings in the fans. No more empty end zone corners when fans know there's a good shot at a complete beat down by the Red Raiders. As Captain Flint said in Black Sails "England (Texas Tech) takes whatever, whenever, however it wants".

Isaiah Lucio-Lopez:

In the fall of 2013, I watch a 7-0 Texas Tech team put up an impressive and competitive fight against a scary Oklahoma team. I kept telling everyone, "Hey, if they keep fighting like that through every game, we'll have one heck of a season." That same season we went on a 5 game skid before we went on to beat a ranked Arizona State team in the Holiday Bowl. I want to see more fight and consistency within the team. I don't ever want us to let up on a game no matter the score. I know it's tough to still compete when you're getting blown out, but showing a fight in every game will impress many fans and people across the nation. I hope we fight every quarter, every game this season.