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Texas Tech's Recruiting Class Is Strong

With 21 commits on board, this recruiting class is shaping up to be one of the best to come to Lubbock.

John Weast/Getty Images

As I was reading Drew's recruiting roundup article yesterday, I scrolled to the bottom of the article through the list of 2016 commits I thought "I love the class this staff is putting together." I even wrote that in the comments section of the article, which subsequently gave me the idea to further explain why I like this class so much.

First of all, I love the balance of the class and I mean balanced in a couple of different ways. From a position standpoint, there are multiple players at every position with the exception of quarterback, and we still have a few available spots. I think we need a couple of defensive backs and offensive linemen. Adding another JUCO defensive lineman would be ideal as well. Outside of those positions, it sounds like the coaches will want to add one more receiver. That would bring the total to 27 recruits for this class. The limit is 25 per class, but don't forget we didn't use all of our scholarships last recruiting class, so we have a few spots at our disposal. I am not sure of the exact number because there is some wiggle room as to what class you can assign certain recruits. I am assuming the magic number for this class is 26 to 28 commits when all is said and done. As this class is currently structured, it sets us up for success down the line. There aren't holes like there have been in past classes. An example being, we signed a combined total of two linebackers in the past two classes. Undersigning at a position causes a ripple effect in the subsequent recruiting classes as a team is forced to oversign to make up for undersigning which ultimately ends up shorting another position. It can become a vicious cycle.

I am more excited about the fact that this class is also balanced from an offensive and defensive standpoint. We have 11 defensive players and 10 offensive players committed at this point. We signed 48 players (including spring signees Paul Stawarz and Emeka Okafor) in the last two classes of which 30 were offensive players. Now, do you understand why I am excited about getting commitments from more defensive players? We need defensive players in the worst way in this class. Glad to see it being addressed.

Outside of the balance, I love the players we are targeting. This coaching staff has proven they can identify talent. The best example being how early they were onto Tristan Wallace. Every guy they have offered, they have seen in person which is I am a big fan of. I mentioned this the other day that there is validity to the rankings produced by recruiting sites and while this class won't blow anybody away from a ranking standpoint I feel like the coaches have identified very solid players. Personally I see this class as the cornerstone for the Kingsbury era.