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Texas Tech Visual History: Gerald Myers

The Visual look at the Texas Tech career of Gerald Myers!

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Monday's History Lesson was on former basketball player, head coach, and Athletic Director Gerald Myers. I tried to find some video of each facet of his career at Tech. I did find videos, but due to copyright laws I cannot post pictures. However, I can advocate for you to look them up yourselves!

This quick video showcases the entirety of Gerald's tenure at Texas Tech. What I liked best of this video was at the beginning showing him in his playing days.

This video shows Gerald discussing part of the Jones AT&T Stadium expansion. He was very influential in garnering support (and raising money) to make the Jones one of the top stadiums in the country.

Unfortunately, I could not find any video that, singularly, showed his coaching days at Tech. If you are in possession of some video, please upload it to YouTube, let me know in the comment section below or @ConnerCrisp on Twitter, and I will showcase it on this article. I hope everyone has a great weekend! GUNS UP!