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Houses of the Friendlies - Texas Tech

Jonathan takes a break at looking at enemies this week, and takes a look at a facility closer to home

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past couple months, we've seen various stadiums, arenas, and fields from around the Big 12 and other teams we play. Looking at the history and statistics of other stadiums provides great information, but how do these facilities stack up against ours? Back in the good ole days (2014) when you could play a college football video game, one of the recruiting tactics was to schedule visits so the recruit could fall in love with your school. Even though this is in a video game, there is some realism to this idea. Your facilities can sway the high school players decision in a good or bad way. So how do Tech's facilities rank?

In 2012, David Ubben ranked the Big 12 football facilities of each team, and to no surprise, Texas was ranked at the top. He mentions that UT, OSU, and OU are the cream of the crop in the conference, and the rest of teams, including Tech at #4, were rather close to each other. He says that our facilities are "extremely modern" but that we are in need of an indoor facility, and are the only team in the conference without an indoor football facility. This shall be resolved soon, as the new facility is part of the Campaign for Fearless Champions, which will create or update 25 separate facilities. The University and Athletic Department realized the need for an improvement in our facilities, which will help in the recruiting process.

With football being the major sport on campus and the one that draws in the most publicity, the football training center is the focal point for recruits and when prospective players are visiting, they always post a picture on twitter from the facility. It currently includes a 10,000 square foot weight room, meeting rooms, a players lounge, and an advanced hydrotherapy room. The building is built in the Spanish Renaissance-style, blending in modern sports with the style of the rest of the campus.