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Texas Tech Visual History: 1993 NCAA Champions

A visual look at the Lady Raiders' 1993 National Title and the 20 year anniversary of the title!

What a great memory for Tech! I have enjoyed going back and watching videos of our only national championship. Luckily, there are some fellow Red Raiders and basketball fans that have posted great video on the game!

The National Championship game itself. This is a true treasure for any Red Raider fan out there. Watching the team play so hard, and the celebration that followed was awesome. It was my first time to see much of this footage. When can we get another celebration like this going???

For those who were not in Lubbock, or have a chance to see any of the 20 year anniversary acknowledgment that went on in 2013, this is a good video to watch. Throughout that 2012-2013 women's basketball season, videos like these were played during time outs, 20th anniversary posters were handed out, and former players came back to their old stomping grounds. It is obviously a special moment in Texas Tech athletics history, and it was treated as such!

I can't wait to see a Texas Tech team lift a national championship banner, again. However, there will never be a another first, major sport, title again. I hope you have been able to watch parts of the above videos and remember the glory days, or learn about this special moment in Tech history. GUNS UP!