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Texas Tech's Dream Scenario For The 2015 Season

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What does a dream yet realistic season look like for the Red Raiders in 2015?

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In my dream scenario the Red Raiders surprise everyone and beat Ohio State in the National Championship Game on a last second hail mary that would make Kordell Stewart and Michael Westbrook jealous and all Red Raider fans ask the question "What Crabtree Catch?" In reality the ceiling is much lower for the Red Raiders. Let's run through the schedule and put together a dream (yet realistic) scenario for the 2015 season.

Sam Houston State: They are far from a pushover. They are ranked #2 in the FCS preseason poll. However I think last season left a bitter taste in everyone's mouth and the coaches have this team ready to roll on September 5th. The Red Raiders win by pulling away in the second half. Record: 1-0

UTEP: While we struggled with them last season in El Paso, this game is in Lubbock. Gibbs' defense will shut down Aaron Jones and the Miners' running game forcing them to pass. This is when the Miners will begin to struggle. On the flip side, our offense hits its stride early and put this to bed by halftime. Record: 2-0

Arkansas: Here's where the schedule gets tough. The Arkansas offensive line and running backs control the game forcing us to play behind similar to last season. Our offense can't get into a rhythm as they are on the sideline too much. I feel like we are more competitive with the Hogs than last season, but I can't see a scenario where we win this game. We learn from the loss and move on. Record: 2-1

TCU: I feel better about this game, because it is in Lubbock. Like the Arkansas game, I feel like we will be much more competitive. Trevone Boykin and Aaron Green will ultimately be too much for our offense to compete with, so we lose in a 10 to 14 point game. Record: 2-2

Baylor: The two tough losses in row finally pay off as we pull an upset in Arlington. I think this is where Gibbs' defense pays off again forcing Seth Russell into multiple mistakes that allows our offense to outscore the Bears in a shootout. Record: 3-2

Iowa State: The Cyclones have given the Red Raiders a tough game of late. We have a 4-2 record versus the Cyclones in the last six meetings and have only beaten them by double digits twice in the four wins. Granted we didn't play them in '08 and '09, but they haven't been a pushover for us. I think we start building momentum off the Baylor win and get a much needed win to keep it rolling. Record 4-2

Kansas: The only easy win in the Big 12 comes in the form of the Jayhawks. We take this one fairly easily and all of sudden we have three wins in a row. Record: 5-2

Oklahoma: Norman is a tough place for visitors. This year won't be an exception for the Red Raiders, but I am not sure the OU QB will be good enough to get through Gibbs' defense. At this point, Mahomes is starting to shine and the team's confidence goes through the roof as they pull the upset. Record: 6-2

Oklahoma State: The Red Raiders face their second straight Sooner State opponent and the results are the same. Like most Big 12 games this season, quarterback play dictates the winner and Mahomes outplays Rudolph in 10-point victory for the Red Raiders. Record: 7-2

West Virginia: The Mountaineer defense will be a tough match up for the Red Raiders and both offenses struggle to put big numbers up on the board. A fumble by the Mountaineers late in the game seals yet another victory for the Red Raiders as DeAndre Washington breaks the 1,000-yard mark for the second straight season on the game winning scamper. Record: 8-2

Kansas State: The Red Raiders finally force the Wildcats to play their style of game instead of the other way around. Mahomes turns the game over to Webb late in the fourth quarter to rest up for next week's matchup with the hated Longhorns. Record: 9-2

Texas: The last game of the season is the ugliest. The Longhorns continue their dominance of the Red Raiders as their defense puts the claps down on a Red Raider offense that had been almost unstoppable until now. This knocks the Red Raiders from the top of the Big 12 standings down to the third spot but we still finish off one heck of a regular season. Record: 9-3

I think all Red Raiders would sign on the dotted line today for a 9-3 record which includes a 7-game winning streak sandwiched into the middle of the season. This would set us for a bright future with a young coaching staff and a quarterback returning for two more seasons on the plains. Let's do this!