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DMN Ranks the State's Best Offensive Lines

The Dallas Morning News continues their countdown of the best position groups. Today, they rank the offensive lines.

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In this installment of the state’s best position groups by the Dallas Morning News bloggers, they rank the offensive lines. We will track these rankings and give you our thoughts on Tech’s ranking in each group. We might throw in a few other thoughts that are non-Tech related.

Here are their rankings:

1) Baylor
2) TCU
3) Texas A&M
5) Texas
7) Houston
8) Texas State
9) Rice
10) SMU
11) North Texas
12) UTSA

Here’s what DMN blogger Tommy Magelssen had to say about Tech’s OL position:

Anchored by two-time All Big 12 tackle Le'Raven Clark, Texas Tech's offensive line provides a level of continuity for a Red Raiders offense still searching for consistency from its passing game. Clark and Co. allowed 13 sacks last season -- second fewest in the Big 12 behind Oklahoma's eight -- and returns four of five starters: Clark (LT), Alfredo Morales (LG), Jared Kaster (C) and Baylen Brown (RG). Redshirt freshman Justin Murphy seems poised to take over the right tackle spot. Experienced depth is a concern, as it was last season, but if Murphy can provide a seamless transition, this group should pave the way for Texas Tech's second consecutive 1,000-yard rusher.

Tech Thoughts:

I predicted Tech at #2 behind only Baylor. This is the first Tech ranking with which I have had a real disagreement. We return four of five starters along an offensive line that produced a 1,000 rusher and allowed only 13 sacks, good enough for second in the Big 12. We also return a two-time All Big 12 left tackle. No other team outside of Baylor can say they have anchor as solid as Clark. A&M is ranked third replacing two starters and a new OL coach. TCU brings back four starters, but none of the quality of Clark, which I think should give Tech the edge. I do agree with Tommy that depth is the issue with this, but we did help solidify that with the spring signings of Stawarz and Okafor who provide immediate help.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

1) Baylor is #1 on the list just like they were with running backs and wide receivers. Really scary to think that Baylor might win this conference three years in a row when we have yet to get our hands on one.

2) Seriously, how many sons does Bruce Matthews have and how long can A&M keep that pipeline running? Every one of the Matthews boys can play and play well.

3) Having been ranked ahead of UT in all offensive categories, defense is next and the tide is about to turn.

The next DMN position group ranking will be defensive line released on Wednesday.  This is where things will start to look a little different for the Red Raiders. I think we start looking at #5 or #6 rankings from here on out.