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Sweet 16 Day 2: Schedule Of Play, How To Watch And Who Will Win

Day 1 of the Sweet 16 is in the books and Day 2 is here. Check out the schedule of play and all the ways you can watch so you don't miss any of the action.

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Day 1 of the Sweet 16 is down, but lucky for us there is still one more to go. Check out today's Sweet 16 game schedule and how to watch it all the action. I threw in my predictions again.

Today's Schedule of Play & Channel Info:
6:15pm: UCLA vs. Gonzaga on CBS
6:37pm: Louisville vs. North Carolina State on TBS
8:45pm Duke vs. Utah on CBS
9:07pm: Oklahoma vs. Michigan State on TBS

Other ways to watch*:
You can watch the games on your mobile device

Amazon App Store

Google Play

Apple App Store

Windows Store

You can also live stream HERE.

*Mobile and Streaming options require you to sign in with your television provider login.

My predictions for today's games:

East Region
NC State vs. Louisville: NC State is playing really well and a few pundits are talking about this team being a Final Four with the way the East Region has played out. I am not willing to take that leap. I like Louisville here. They are playing well too and Pitino is tough to beat. I like teams that play defense, rebound and don't turn the ball over this time of year. That team in this matchup is Louisville. I say Louisville by 10.

Oklahoma vs. Michigan State: This is a really evenly matched game on paper. I would say that Michigan State is playing a little bit better so far in the tournament. On top of that I lean on coaching to be difference when evenly matched teams are facing each other. While I like Kruger, Izzo is one of the best in the business. I think he pushes the right buttons and leads Michigan State to a win. I say Michigan State by 8.

South Region:
Duke vs. Utah: Duke has been the most impressive team in the tournament so far. They have beaten both opponents by 20+ points. On the other hand, Utah has had to work for their wins. While I can't see Duke winning the whole thing, I do see them making it to the Final Four. In order to do that, they beat Utah. I say Duke by 14.

UCLA vs. Gonzaga: UCLA was the team everyone questioned the committee about why they were chosen to be in the tournament. They definitely answered their naysayers, but not sure it is enough to beat Gonzaga. I questioned Gonzaga prior to the tournament because of their conference. I was wrong. This is a good team. I think they send UCLA home after their surprising Sweet 16 run. I say Gonzaga by 12.