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Texas Tech Quarterback Preview

Conner concludes his position preview series with the quarterback position.

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So often we discuss football and use military words, whether it’s saying that teams are preparing for war on the gridiron, calling the QB the general of the team, or any other military-related terminology. I hope you took some time this past Memorial Day weekend to thank a serviceman, say a prayer (or send a good thought) for the protection of those serving our great country, and remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we may enjoy the freedoms we do today. On behalf of Viva The Matadors, and myself I wanted to use this introductory paragraph to thank every man or woman who has worn an Armed Forces uniform. If you are out there and have served, or are the family of someone who has served, thank you and God bless.

Key Thought:

Whelp, this is an easy one. Who will be the starting quarterback for the Red Raiders on September 5? Going into last season, not only was I on the Davis Webb bandwagon, I might have driving it. His 2013 season had me excited about the next few years for the Red Raiders, especially after watching his performances versus OU and Arizona State in the season ending Holiday Bowl. I, like most others, figured an off-season of training would have Davis ready to compete with the top Big 12 QBs. As we all know, he did not establish himself as a top Big 12 QB. He turned into an interception machine, and his shoulder surgery following the TCU game led to the arrival of Patrick Mahomes. There was a lot to like out of Patrick’s four starts last year. He showed elusiveness in the pocket and brought back excitement that had been missing. That final game against Baylor was one of the most exciting games you will see, in no small part due to Patrick’s play. However, last time we had a young QB play well in the final game of a season, we arrived to where we are now…

Depth Chart:

We will not see an announcement on who will be the starter until much closer to the season. Consider it 1A. Davis Webb. 1AA. Patrick Mahomes

Notable Additions:

There were no QBs picked up in the 2015 recruit class. However, Nic Shimonek will be eligible to play in the 2015 season after sitting last year out due to NCAA transfer rules. He was formally at Iowa.

Bottom Line:

Tech has to have smarter play from the QB position. Only twice last year did Tech complete a game in which a QB did not throw a pick. In interceptions per passing attempt, Mahomes had the lower percent at 2%, compared to Webb’s 4%. Edge: Patrick Mahomes. In completion percent it was Mahomes 57% and Webb 62%. Edge: Davis Webb.

Until more information is released, flip a coin to see who will start week 1. I just did and it landed heads so that means Davis Webb will be the starter. If I did it again, I’d probably land tails for Patrick Mahomes. Are you #TeamWebb or #TeamMahomes? Either comment below, or tweet me @ConnerCrisp, stating who you think will be the starting quarterback for Tech next year. Thanks for reading this series, and GUNS UP!