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2015 NCAA Tournament: Sweet 16 Schedule, How To Watch & VTM's Predictions For Thursday's Games

The Sweet 16 is kicking off today! Check out the TV schedule and how to watch so you can be sure to catch all of the today's action!

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Hopefully your brackets are busted and you still have a chance to win your pool. I picked Virginia, so it hasn't been my one shining moment. But hey, it's March Madness and I am in it for the long haul. Check out today's Sweet 16 game schedule and how to watch it all the action. Just for fun, I also threw in my predictions.

Today's Schedule of Play & Channel Info:

6:15pm: Notre Dame vs. Wichita State on CBS
6:47pm: Wisconsin vs. North Carolina on TBS
8:45pm Kentucky vs. West Virginia on CBS
9:17pm: Arizona vs. Xavier on TBS

Other ways to watch*:

You can watch the games on your mobile device

Amazon App Store

Google Play

Apple App Store

Windows Store

You can also live stream HERE.

*Mobile and Streaming options require you to sign in with your television provider login.

My predictions for today's games:

Midwest Region
Kentucky vs. West Virginia: I think the Mountaineers have a chance to keep it close. They are a high scoring team who creates lots of turnovers. Kentucky will oblige and give the ball up. Ultimately, I think Kentucky is just too good on both ends of the court and pull away in the second half. I say Kentucky wins by 12.

Notre Dame vs. Wichita State: I have to go with the Irish. No slight to Wichita State, but I think Kansas was a perfect game for them in the 3rd round. Wichita State was the little brother and had a lot more to prove. That Kansas team wasn't a typical Kansas team. I say Notre Dame by 8.

West Region:
Wisconsin vs. North Carolina: Wisconsin is a better team. They won't beat themselves. North Carolina on the other hand does hurt themselves with turnovers. You can't beat Wisconsin if you turn it over. I say Wisconsin by 15.

Arizona vs. Xavier: Arizona rebounds the ball really well. Xavier turnovers the ball too often for my liking. I think those two stats are the difference in the game. Xavier can shoot it well though. If they do that this game, they could keep it close. I say Arizona by 10.