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Fursday Funnies: 1/8/2015

Baylor has created their own conference, what NFL Player really say, Bed Racing and why Texas Tech is better than Oregon

Texas Tech is better than this team
Texas Tech is better than this team
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor Has Created Their Own Conference

I was watching SportsCenter late one night after studying, and noticed something strange on the TV. Apparently, Baylor broke off from the Big XII and formed the Big 1.That's why big Baylor's ego is. I think the sad part about this is the fact that they lost 5 conference games. I'm not sure how you lose to yourself, but apparently Baylor is getting it done. Baylor goin' Baylor

Just another reason to hate the bears. But how can you fear this.

What Do NFL Players Really Say?

Ever wonder what NFL Players really say on the sidelines? They don't talk about plays, plans or players. Nope. They talk about Orange Peanuts, Burning Old Men and Pregnant Cows. Want Proof? Well I have proof right here. Bad Lip Reading a couple years made a video where they changed what the players said based on their lips. They've done it with several movies and shows, but haven't done it with sports until now. It features players and coaches like Tom Brady, Jason Garrett, Adrian Peterson and Jim Harbaugh. Pretty funny stuff.

Why Race Cars When You Can Race Beds?

Yes you read that right. In the town of Knaresborough, England, a group called the Knaresborough Round Table were thinking of ideas for a charity fund-raising push. And for whatever reason, they thought a bed-racing event would be a good idea. The event started in 1965, and it consisted of 2.4 mile course while a team of 6 players pushed a bed (with someone in it) up and down a hill, ending with crossing the cold Nidd River. Not only that, but before the race begins, the beds and contests get decorated with a theme and participate in a parade. Just typical British stuff. This year will be it's 50th year, and it's bigger than info. You can find more details about the event here if you wish. How about that for the next NCAA sport.

We're Better Than Oregon

We are. I swear. I can prove it.