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Jarrett Stidham in the Elite 11 Pressure Chamber and The Opening Invite

With the news of Kyler Murray's commitment, Texas Tech already has their quarterback for the 2015 class in commit Jarrett Stidham and we have some video from the Elite 11 Pressure Chamber and Trent Dilfer giving Stidham The Opening invite.

I think I missed the top video earlier when Stidham committed, but I thought this was a short, but good clip of Texas Tech commit Jarrett Stidham at the Elite 11 in Dallas where he also earned an invite to The Opening. A few good minutes of Stidham throwing on the run, which is something that I think is going to be great for Stidham at Texas Tech.

And this is also a reminder that with all of the Kyler Murray news today, Texas Tech was in the mix for Murray for quite some time, a lot of folks saying because Murray has a terrific relationship with Kliff Kingsbury:

"I love everything about Tech right now. That means a lot, especially with everything Coach Kingsbury did at A&M with Johnny, and me and Johnny play somewhat alike. If something happens then something happens."

And if that's not enough video, you can check out his junior year highlights: