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Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | Red Raiders Win Big 12 Track and Field Championship

The Texas Tech Red Raiders are your Big 12 Track and Field Champions.


Red Raiders Wins Big 12 Track and Field Championship. Pretty good little weekend.  The Texas Tech Red Raiders are your 2014 Big 12 Track and Field Champions, scoring 160.5 points and was the first team to win the Big 12 at home since Colorado in 2008.

It seemed like the dominating performances started with Kennedy Kithuka winning the 10,000 meter, lapping the field at the 3,600 meter mark and he also won the 5,000 meter, also lapping at least one competitor in the race and from the video.

Then, Shujaa Benson won the long jump, while Texas Tech also took 1st with Bradley Adkins, 2nd with Jacorian Duffield and tied 3rd with Dayton Fisher in the high jump.  I don't believe this has ever happened in the Big 12.

Kole Weldon placed second in the shot put, discuss and hammer throw and had the most points of any competitor at the meet.

I'm going to do an awful job at mentioning everyone that did well, so make sure and watch the videos and click on the links.   Also, this post wouldn't be complete with a huge hat-tip to Wes Kittley and the entire coaching staff for a fantastic job.