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Wednesday Morning Links on VTM | Whitaker Hires Corkery; Kingsbury's Full Presser; Robison to Auburn

Candice Whitaker has hired American University HC Matt Corkery. Nikki Sanders wins a tennis summer circuit. Kliff Kingsbury's full presser from the Big 12 Media Days. Chase Robison transfers to Auburn.

Style over substance? Whatevs.
Style over substance? Whatevs.

1. Whitaker Hires Corkery | I could have sworn that Lady Raider head basketball coach Candice Whitaker had already completed her coaching staff, but apparently that's not the case as Whitaker has hired American University (D.C.) head coach Matt Corkery, who was 101-53 in his five years at AU. That's a pretty good record for a head coach and quite honestly I'm happy and surprised that Corkery took this assistant coach position. Corkery is originally from Texas, so I'm sure that helps, getting his undergrad degree at West Texas A&M. Follow Corkery on the twizzle tweet @MattCorkery Welcome and congrats!

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2. Sanders Claims ITA Summer Circuit Title | Congrats to women's tennis player Nikki Sanders for winning the ITA Summer Circuit Event Title. That story said that Sanders is undefeated at home, 26-0. Great work during the summer.

3. Kingsbury Presser | If you missed the head coach Kliff Kingsbury press conference, the official site is here to help as they uploaded the entire press conference:

Yeah, I’d tell him to get over it because it’s not going to change. So you’d better learn to adapt to it. -WVU Head Coach Dana Holgorsen

4. The Speed of the Game | Hat-tip to Crystal Ball Run, Football Matrix did a study to determine whether or not these claims that these footbawww coaches are making about the speed of the game causing more injuries, you know, actual facts and apparently the slower teams get you hurt more. It's a good thing, because WVU head coach Dana Holgorsen is telling you to stick it. The LAJ also has an article on the Sooners and Longhorns being in unfamiliar spots, i.e. not favorites to win the Big 12, as well as head of Big 12 officials, Walt Anderson, detailing the guidelines for the new rules that can have a player removed for targeting. You also need to check out where some of the SBN Big 12 bloggers answered some questions at the Big 12 Media poll and preseason team over at Cowboys Ride For Free. I think I'm the only person that doesn't think that Baylor is for realz this year, maybe in a couple of years, but not this year.

5. Style Over Substance | Burnt Orange Nation has some thoughts on all of the head coaches from the Big 12 Media Days and I think the opinion of Kingsbury is interesting in that the thought is that it is substance over style because he doesn't have any head coaching experience. I suppose that's that's true to an extent, but this almost seems to me to completely dismiss what he did at TAMU and Houston:

It's all style and no substantial context for Kingsbury right now -- that's not to say that there's no substance, but the substance (his success at Houston and Texas A&M) isn't contextual because it doesn't suggest how he's going to perform as a head coach other than looking the part of a movie star, which no doubt helps in personal relations, but doesn't do so much for the X's and O's of the game.

That's awfully dismissive of what Kingsbury did as the offensive coordinator last year and the X's and O's. Kingsbury didn't get hired because he's dreamy, which he totally is, but because he knows football better than most people. It is interesting how this thought, which is that Kingsbury is really a fashion diva that is masquerading as a head football coach, seems to be prevalent. I suppose that's what happens when a person is incredibly good looking.

6. Robison Transfers to Auburn | Good luck to DE Chase Robison who is transferring to Auburn, stating that he was playing linebacker at Texas Tech and wants to play defensive end.

7. New Campus Photos | Totally Texas Tech with some new campus photos with the Jones AT&T Stadium renovation, including how the columns and arches are going up.

8. Emmert's Defining Moment | ESPN's Outside the Lines with a terrific look at the upcoming defining moment of the Emmert era and his missteps and that with all of the conference commissioners making it clear that they aren't happy is a clear warning shot.

9. Sandlot Reunion | Well, this is pretty cool, the cast of The Sandlot reunites at the same field where they filmed the movie.

10. Stewart vs. Ward | The Denton RC looks at the two best receivers in the Big 12, Oklahoma St.'s Josh Stewart and Texas Tech's Eric Ward.

11. #longreads Around the World Alone | Lapham's Quarterly with a fantastic look at the 1968 race for the first person to sail around the world by themselves and without stopping.

12. Four Divisions? CBS Sports with a look at how the big four conferences may be looking to revolutionize college athletics.

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