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Away Game Hotspots

Send me your favorite places to visit for the upcoming away games. We're all looking at you, Morgantown!

I need your help.

My goal for this season is to write about what's going on in and around Lubbock during our home games (probably some away games, too).

A friend of mine suggested doing something similar for away game locations, but I will need some assistance from the VTMers. I'm sure there are several of you, especially in the DFW area, who could really be able to help out on places to eat, drink, and be merry while the Red Raiders are in town.

Calling all citizens of Dallas, Lawrence, Morgantown, Norman, Arlington, and Austin! Lend me your beers!

(Great joke, high five)

I will probably ask again as the season progresses, but I need a good head start for the SMU game.

So, please email your suggestions to LSRedRaider07 AT gmail DOT com, send me a tweet, or just leave a comment below.

Many thanks!