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Recruiting on the South Plains | LB Erick Hallmon


Am I woefully behind on these profiles?  Yes.  I'm sorry.  Hallmon committed along with QB Clayton Nicholas, ATH Reginald Davis and ATH Keenon Ward.  This is the Spring Game Four, the four players that committed to Texas Tech in and around the Red-Black Spring Game.  Let's get to it. 

The Measurables:

Position: ATH/QB
DTN Profile
Video: Clip 1 | Clip 2
Rivals N/A
Scout N/A
24/7 Sports 85
Ht: 6'1" | Wt: 190 lbs | Forty: N/A
High School: Cardinal Gibbons (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

So much more good strong, after the jump.

The Player Speaks:  I'm going to try to go chronologically, which is that Hallmon burst onto the scene as a true freshman, starting at Cardinal Gibbons then and making a name for himself.  In fact, entering into his sophomore year, he was named by MaxPreps as one of the top 100 players in the country, having this to say about him:

Once again, Miami won’t have to go very far to visit and recruit some of the nation’s top players.

Erick Hallmon, a punishing linebacker, is a sophomore at Cardinal Gibbons in nearby Fort Lauderdale. He followed up an impressive ninth grade year with some solid performances at local camps and combines. He seems to have no problem finding his way into opposing backfields and lays some absolutely brutal hits.

Since his father, Jack, played for the Hurricanes, it would be surprising if any other school could lure Hallmon away from Miami, assuming the Hurricanes eventually offer him.

A couple of things here, which is that I didn't know that his father played for Miami and I guess we should be a bit concerned if Miami starts calling Hallmon.  Then, Hallmon gets injured his sophomore year, hurting his shoulder and apparently limiting his performance on the field.  So there's a really good chance that Texas Tech is getting a guy that's gone a bit under the radar.  Now we jump to his junior year and like a lot of highlight video, it's pretty good and it doesn't look like he's shying away from contact.

When Hallmon committed to Texas Tech, here's what he said to LAJ's Don Williams:

Hallmon said Tech coaches gave him the impression he’d play strong safety if he stays about the same size or he could move to linebacker if he gets much bigger. Cardinal Gibbons offensive coordinator Matt DuBuc, who played at Tech, described Hallmon as "a speed guy who comes off the edge pretty well."

Hallmon thinks football smarts helped make him a Division I prospect.

"I’m very good at recognizing the play," he said. "I’m real good at breaking down film and seeing things on the field as I do on film. I’m good at shedding blocks, reading routes, picking up on little things."

And Hallmon also talked with his local paper, the Sun Sentinal:

In February, the Red Raiders signed Dillard High running back Otis Wright and University School linebacker Justin Cooper out of Broward County in their 2011 class. And two years ago, Gibbons receiver Shawn Corker signed with Texas Tech.

Hallmon has started since his freshman year. He was recruited by Red Raiders assistant Otis Mounds, who has deep ties to Broward County.

"I really like the town and the atmosphere of the campus," Hallmon said late Tuesday night, "and having a great chance of coming and playing early. I feel I'm a great fit for Tech's defensive scheme."

The first and second paragraphs are what caught my eye.

The Video:  Film don't lie.

2012 LB/S Prospect Erick Hallmon - Cardinal Gibbons H.S. Ft. Lauderdale, FL (via cwilson91)

Erick Hallmon #21 LB Junior Year Highlights (via rasanchez1973)

Scouting Report:  A couple of things really stand out to me, first off, he's really good at holding the offensive lineman and/or tight end and stringing out the play.  He's also awfully good at being in space and making the tackle.  He looks comfortable playing linebacker or at safety and I can see why the coaches aren't real sure where he'll play and the 4-2-5 defense may be the perfect defense for Hallmon.  I have no idea as to how fast he is, but Hallmon isn't slow and would expect that he's in the 4.60 range, which is plenty fast for a linebacker/safety.

Erick, welcome to Texas Tech and Git Your Guns Up!

The 2012 Class:  Still waiting on some rankings from Rivals and ESPN.