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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - He's Going To Be Back Edition

Double-T Nation News:

DTN Appointments: DTN's Basketball Report is scheduled to go online at noon.

Mike Leach Watch:

FWST's Dwain Price is reporting that AD Gerald Myers is working off the premise that Coach Leach isn't leaving Texas Tech:

"He's going to be back,'' Myers said on Monday. "It's just a matter of getting (contract negotiations) done.

"I expect to hear something from them, but I haven't. I guess they're working on something.'''

Hmmm. The good part: "He's going to be back." The bad part: "I guess they're working on something."

I'm so tired of this game. It would be real nice to get this done yesterday and I'm saying that as nicely as I possibly can.

Texas Tech Football:

Found this interview from FWST's Stefan Stevenson with receiver and Texas Tech commit Aaron Fisher, who is up for Jerry Rice Award, which honors the best high school receiver in the nation. Good stuff.

Cotton Bowl:

Well, it appears that Ole Miss linebacker Ashlee Palmer was able to get his grades in order and will play in the Cotton Bowl. The Ole Miss defense is at full strength. And this seems strange, but after Christmas, the Ole Miss players are responsible for meeting in Dallas for practice on December 26th and the players are responsible for their own travel. You would think there would be some sort of team bus that goes from Mississippi to Dallas, but the players need to make it to Dallas on their own.

Texas Tech Basketball:

Last night, I blockquoted the quotes from the DMN college blog and this morning, DMN's Chuck Carlton writes the article with more detail and what happened Sunday:

The result: a 45-minute chat on how to improve the defensive performance. The immediate result was an all-defensive practice Sunday. Texas Tech has allowed 10 more points in the second half than the opening 20 minutes through the first eight games.

For those of you who are still a little upset about the loss to Lamar, last night Syracuse lost to Cleveland State. I'm not trying to excuse Junior Knight or any of the players for losing to an inferior team in Lamar, but I am trying to say that it can happen to the best of them.

If anything, I think it's going to be pretty interesting to see how this team reacts on Wednesday against UTEP. The Miners has two very talented guards (both average near 20 points a game). Let's see how PK gets his team to respond.

RTC with their weekly look at the Big 12 and the Topeka Capital Journal Online rounds up the Big 12.