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Texas Tech Basketball: Jaylon Tyson goes portaling

Coach McCasland will need to regroup after what seems to be a huge loss

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma State at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, the joy of a new coach coming into town. A lot of movement within all parts of the program that comes with happy times and some tough times.

Jaylon Tyson transferring is one of those tough times. Tyson, who was really the heart and soul of this past years Red Raiders team, has decided to head to the portal, while leaving the option to return on the table.

I decided to let twitter cool off before writing this, because there has been a TON of over-reactions across the app. Let me tell you right now: this is not the end of the world, nor is it a sign that the sky if falling. As Aaron Rodgers once said, we just need to R-E-L-A-X.

Listen, anyone who has read my stuff this season knows one thing, I am one of the biggest Jaylon Tyson fans. I absolutely love everything about his game. He’s so versatile and very easily will end up at the pro level one way or another.

But, we’re not here to talk about that, are we. Instead, we’re here to talk about Tyson transferring, what it means for him, and what it means for the program.

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Jaylon Tyson is gonna have A LOT of suitors out there. Where will he go? Who knows. One thing that is certain, he’s gonna find a place that is a fit for him. We have no idea why that isn’t Texas Tech anymore, and I don’t have the sources to speculate like some message-board warriors seem to have.

What I do know is this, Tyson needs to do what he feels is best for him, and if that is transferring, we have to live with it.

What does this mean for the program?

In all reality, this just means another spot for McCasland to fill. He’s hitting the portal hard and now he’s gonna have to fill another spot, or potentially try to recruit Tyson back. Along with that, McCasland still has a coaching staff that he needs to put together.

There is a ton on the head mans plate, he’s just gotta keep pushing. We need to support the program, and coach McCasland as this is a tough spot for him. Bottom line, everything will be ok. Trust the process.