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Post Game Quotes - Oklahoma State 20, Texas Tech 56



Head Coach Mike Leach on Graham Harrell:

"I thought he played really well, he was key. The two fumbles I would like differently, but I thought he had a good day and played real well. The best thing he did was engineer the unit and the team. Not just the offense but the whole team draws from it, which is key and makes him the player that he is."

Head Coach Mike Leach on Texas Tech's defense:

"Well, I'm very proud of our defense. They were very scrappy. It took a little while to get on track. They tried to make too much happen early and once they settled in we started to fire off the ball and caught on to some of the tricks they tried to play on us."

Head Coach Mike Leach on special teams:

"What I'm most proud of is special teams and the reason I say that is Oklahoma State is the best special teams in the conference and our special teams was better then them today."

Quarterback Graham Harrell on beating Oklahoma State:

"I think it says a lot, it's big. A lot of people picked us to lose and thought we wouldn't be ready to play. That's the thing about this team, we put games behind us and get ready for our next opponent. We take things one game at a time. Every team comes to play and we have to come to play. We have two more big ones at Oklahoma and Baylor here, so we have two more to get ready for."

Quarterback Graham Harrell on the offensive line:

"I feel very comfortable. I always feel comfortable behind those guys. They're the heart of this team and that's the truth. Those guys are unbelievable. Those guys are so big and they pass block well, they run well, and they block well. To be that size and move and protect like they do, it's just impressive to see."

Quarterback Graham Harrell on the upcoming games:

"There is no off-week for anyone. I think we feel like we're good enough to beat any team in the country. We've played two tough teams and we've got two more. We have got tough stuff ahead and we know that. We're going to try to get some rest during this off week."

Receiver Michael Crabtree on on his play and touchdowns (emphasis mine):

"I was just doing my job and making routine plays and it came out to be three touchdowns."

Receiver Michael Crabtree people doubting Texas Tech and legitimacy of team:

"I feel like every week we have something to prove. Week after week they seem to come up with something about us not having a this or a that. So every time we come out we've got to play. That's what I put into everyone's head and that's what I'm going to do."

Receiver Michael Crabtree on what critics say about team:

"We really don't worry too much about what other people think. We worry about what we can control and that's us and that's our team. We've been doing a good job with that."

Safety Darcel McBath on the play of the defense (emphasis mine):

"Yeah, I mean we just focused on doing our jobs we had a great scheme. As long as we played our responsibilities they wouldn't have as many big plays."

Safety Darcel McBath on stopping the run game:

"When the defensive line knocks them off the ball it makes it a lot easier to stop the run. The linebackers were reading it well."

Safety Daniel Charbonnet on staying focused:

"We try to block it out as much as we can (the rankings), we came back Sunday and watched Texas film and then we moved on to Oklahoma State."

Safety Daniel Charbonnet on stopping the Oklahoma State offense:

"It's just what you come to expect in the Big 12 with all the offenses that are putting up ridiculous numbers. Watching film on them you thought `dang, they got some good players, Zac really gets the ball to them'. It feels good and we put together a good scheme. The defensive line out did themselves, they don't stop until the ball is on the ground. We had some good stops."

Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy on the game:

"It was pretty obvious tonight that we got dominated in all three phases of the game and we lost the game as a group. I thought we were outcoached and outplayed. We never could slow down and we couldn't get them out of their rhythm. It is difficult to win on the road against a football team when you can't slow them down. Offensively, we turned the ball over a couple of times that put the game out of reach. I have to give credit to them (Texas Tech) they are a good football team, very mature and they played very well. The important thing for us as a team is that we rally and come back as a team for our next game."

Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy on Texas Tech's defense:

"Tech's defense is very good; they are playing good football, tackling better, better and pass rush. I said this earlier in the week I thought their defense is really playing with their offensive, style of play."

Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy on the lack of pressure on the quarterback:

"They have tremendous protection and when you play a team that throws the ball as effective as they do it is hard to get to the quarterback and they find seems and move the football. My guess is without getting to him and with him standing back there the seams started to open up and that is what he was hitting."

Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy on Texas Tech as a team:

"I think they are pretty good. Their offense is experienced, (Graham) Harrell is in his third year and they have mature offensive linemen, a good core of skill players and I think there defense has improved."