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Texas Tech Friday Morning Notes - Look, But Don't Touch Edition

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Double-T Nation News:

BaDD Radio's Homer Call of the Week featured a certain clip from Texas Tech from Saturday's win over Texas:

I'm traveling all day, not to the game, so be good and I'll see you guys tonight. Need lots of predictions

Texas Tech Football:'s Gregg Doyel says that you can look, but you can't touch:

But that's the thinking in Washington. A recent column in the Seattle Times noted: "Word on the street is Leach is ready to get out of Texas Tech and would be highly interested in the UW. The bigger issue is whether Washington would be interested in him."

Look, there's nothing wrong with the Seattle Times. That's a paragraph that has been, or will be, written in various places over the next few months. Just substitute Clemson or Tennessee or (name a school) for Washington, and you've got the general idea. But I've got three problems with it.

One, somebody tell me why Leach should be "ready to get out of Texas Tech." The Red Raiders are No. 2 in the country, and if pollsters had a backbone, they'd have voted Texas Tech No. 1 over Alabama. Tell me why a coach would be dying to leave such a program, especially when you consider this little factoid: When he arrived in Lubbock in 2000, Leach inherited a team coming off four consecutive five-loss seasons. From those modest twigs, he started recruiting and built a palace. So imagine what sort of structure he can erect now that he's recruiting to a place that just beat No. 1 Texas.

Two, why would Leach be "highly interested in the UW" -- or in Clemson, Auburn, Tennessee or any of the jobs that pop open in the next month or two? Any job that comes open, unless it's Southern California or Oklahoma and the old coach left for the NFL, will have inherent flaws, most notably this one: That place just got its last coach fired. Why would Leach, coaching one of the best teams in America, leave what he has for that? Most big-time jobs that come open are open for the most basic of reasons: They're not as big time as they think they are, which means that expectations exceed reality. Clemson isn't all that. Auburn isn't. Washington damn sure isn't. (I mean, really: Washington?)

Make sure and go read the rest of the article, but . . . ummm yeah, that's kinda what I've been thinking since Captain Leach's name has come up for job openings . . . why? First, it's not as if Gerald Myers sat on his rear watching Leach's contract expire, it still has TWO years left. Not two months, two years. Sports is a great profession because you don't ever have to live out your deal. Extensions in the sports world are handed out for mediocrity (i.e. see Kansas State's Ron Prince, who just resigned, signed an extension last year).

Second, I really am trying to figure out what's so great about Clemson, Tennessee or Washington? They were all proud programs not too long ago, but Leach has got this program right where he wants it. It hasn't taken him overnight so he's taken some heat from it from fans for not being quick enough, but he's got a really good thing going right now.  Why would he do that again, especially if the money is going to be comparable at Texas Tech (if not more) than elsewhere?

Here's the bottom line.  Leach will get paid and he won't be the 31th highest paid coach in the BCS division after the season is over because he will have signed a new deal with Texas Tech to put him in the top 10.

I can't imagine a scenario where Captain Leach leaves, unless Myers refuses to pay Leach and that's not going to happen. So from this point forward, there's no longer any need to mention Leach's name, at least here at DTN, with another school until he has the press conference.

Newsday's John Jeansonne writes about the culture of Texas Tech football and Lubbock in general. Jeansonne spent summers in Lubbock some time back.

LAJ's Don Williams writes that safety Darcel McBath and Daniel Charbonnet are keys to the Texas Tech defense. Here's secondary coach Carlos Mainord:

"I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of good ones,’’ said Mainord, Tech’s safeties coach and a 40-year veteran in the business. "These two, Danny and Darcel, work together as well as any two I’ve had.’’


"They’ve been around a while, so there’s not a lot of things that are just brand-new to them,’’ Mainord said. "Both of them have very good instincts, and both of them are very football smart. You’re able to talk to them, and they understand what you’re saying because they’ve seen it and studied it. When you talk about a route, they know exactly what you’re talking about, because it’s not something brand-new to them.’’

DMN's Kate Hairopoulos writes about quarterback Graham Harrell's Heisman chances. Again, focus on the wins and the accolades will follow.

DT's Alex Ybarra previews Saturday night's game and looks back at those very famous tirades between Mike Gundy and Mike Leach. Also from the DT, Mike Graham writes that the renovation on the eastern side will fund scholarships as well as future seating:

About $5 million has been raised since the stadium's funding campaign was announced Aug. 7, according a Tech news release. The $5 million combined with private gifts has brought the total of raised funds to approximately $24 million.

"The response to this fundraising effort has been tremendous and we are thankful to all our generous donors," Tech Chancellor Kent Hance said in the news release. "We are close to reaching our goal and need all those who have been planning to give to make that donation today so we can finish the campaign and start construction as soon as football season ends."

Tech supporters can help the Tech Athletic Department attain the remaining funds needed by visiting the Web site,

Writers' Picks: DMN's Chuck Carton picks Texas Tech to lose again . . . Phil Steele picks your Red Raiders again . . . The Street's Mike Goodman likes Texas Tech . . .

Texas Tech Basketball:

The AP's Betsy Blaney discusses the fact that this is Pat Knight's first full season as head coach at Texas Tech. I like hearing this:

Pat Knight wants better rebounding this season. Tech finished 11th in the conference last year. Part of the improvement is expected from freshman Robert Lewandowski, a 6-foot-10, 240-pounder from Kansas. Despite the youngster's inexperience, Knight wants him in the mix quickly because of his size.

"We're really going to throw him in the fire if he's ready or not," he said.

Serbian Darko Cohadarevic, a junior college transfer who's 6-9 and about Lewandowski's weight, brings energy the team needs, though Knight said it may need reining in at times.

"But I like it too much right now to say anything about it," he said. "He brings an intensity that we just haven't had since we've been here that really actually makes practice enjoyable."