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Post Game Quotes: Texas 33, Texas Tech 39



Head Coach Mike Leach on what triggered the outcome of the game:

"Well, I thought we had a really good week of preparation and the excitement of the students, campus, and all the coverage with a team as good as Texas. I thought our players did a really good job avoiding distractions, and I can't say enough about our fans. If I've said Jones Stadium is the best place to play before, after tonight, even more so."

Head Coach Mike Leach on key points in the game:

"I think our defensive line did a really good job. We hit some good plays and I think we took a half away from them. I didn't think we'd take the whole game, but we did take a half. He's a good player, but I thought their punter was really good. I think that punter kept them in the game."

Head Coach Mike Leach on Mack Brown:

"If you could let him know nationally, I have the upmost respect for him as a coach. He's the dean of our conference and he's done a tremendous job as being an example, especially for us younger guys."

Head Coach Mike Leach on next week's game:

"Oklahoma State is now the biggest game in the history of this year."

Defensive Coordinator Ruffin McNeill on the last few minutes of the game:

"I am just glad to win that thing. I hate to give up those last couple touchdowns; it was a great team win. You know we had plenty of time, we knew the offense had the ability to move it. The bus isn't leaving until the game is over so we might as well keep playing. That was a great win for Lubbock and Texas Tech!"

Defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill on the mentality of the team:

"You know I tell you what; this is a team that handles adversity well. They really pushed themselves, they are happy they won. They are already thinking about next week, about tomorrow, and getting ready for next week. They listen well, they want to please us as coaches and work hard for their teammates."

Wide receiver Michael Crabtree on the game-winning touchdown and on whether he knew how close he was to the sideline:

"We run a fade route all the time, but this time Graham (Harrell) saw me running, and he connected with me for the score."

"My eyes were on the sidelines the whole time. I was trying not to step out of bounds because the safety had fallen down, and it worked."

Quarterback Graham Harrell on the fade route to end the game:

"The basis of this offense is the vertical passing game. That's just a vertical that we threw behind, and we practice that every day in practice. We practice going over the top on the fade, and we practice the throw behind. On that one, the corner wasn't looking, and if he isn't looking, throw it behind his head like Coach (Leach) says and let your receiver make a play and that's what I did. (Michael) Crab(tree) made an unbelievable catch, and not only did he make an unbelievable catch, he made an unbelievable run after that and got into the zone and got us a win."

Defensive Lineman Colby Whitlock on the safety:

"They are a read zone team and they run a lot of zone. We watched that zone in Tuesday's game planning and as long as we attack we will make plays and I attacked and we ended up in the end zone."

Defensive Lineman Colby Whitlock on next week's game:

"It's like Coach Leach told us in the locker room if we don't come out there next weekend and get another `W' this win doesn't mean much to us. I look forward to coming back and playing another great opponent and its going to be a great atmosphere. It's just another game you know. We are all going to treat it that way."

Safety Daniel Charbonnet on his interception:

"They ran that play a few times and I just kind of felt it out, I can't believe he threw it everything just went in slow motion from there. I don't know, I guess I just went out a little bit and I saw the route and I just sat right there and as soon as he threw it I just got so excited and focused on catching the ball."

Head Coach Mack Brown on his thoughts of the game:

"First I would like to congratulate Texas Tech on the great game they played throughout the night and I would like to apologize to Coach Leach for not finding him after the game, I think that is the first time I haven't been able to get to a coach and shake his hand and he sure deserved it. They did a great job with his team and they played really well. I was proud of our guys because we didn't play consistently well tonight. We had a lot of problems and to there credit they kept fighting back and all we did was score to quick at the end, we should have took more time off the clock. Two great players made a great play at the end of the game to win it."

Head Coach Mack Brown on the last play:

"A great play by a great player that was doubled team. It's unbelievable we get out hands on the ball to win the game the play before drop it. It was just one of those nights where many things didn't happen for us."

Defensive Coordinator Will Muschamp on the last play:

"We were mixing up cover four and cover two rushing four guys and we didn't want to get in single coverage on (Michael) Crabtree and we doubled him on the last play. We had some opportunities to deny the ball and when we got them into pressure situation he (Graham Harrell) went directly to him (Michael Crabtree) and he is a good player so we had to stay rolled up on him and keep him doubled. They made the plays when they had to."

Defensive Coordinator Will Muschamp on Texas' defensive scheme:

"They did a good job and really more than anything he (Graham Harrell) did a good job of buying time and he really evaded to his right a lot and we had a hard time getting to him. We changed some things in the second half to get our left end up the field and we changed our rush pattern and we did a little better in the second half. When we had middle field coverage they went to Crabtree and that was a tough thing. The first part of the game that is how they converted some third downs."