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Texas Tech Saturday Morning Notes -

Double-T Nation News:

It's pretty quiet out there for the most part, but at SB Nation, we are happy to announce The Race To The BCS, a webpage dedicated to keeping track of all things BCS, including all of the teams. Also note to the right, there's new sidebar content with the latest blog posts from all of the SB Nation blogs. Check it out.

College Football BCS Rankings, Scores, Schedule and Blog Posts - SB Nation - SB Nation

Texas Tech Football:

I'll be out and about today, but feel free to check out the rest of the SB Nation blogs for coverage on today's games.

If you feel like hanging out here, consider this your open game day thread for any games that you may be watching.



The AP's Betsy Blaney profiles Graham Harrell.

Texas Tech Basketball:

Last night the Texas Tech Red Raiders quickly dispatched St. Francis (PA), 81-47 (boxscore). The most interesting thing to me from briefly looking at the boxscore is that Corbin Ray and Wally Dunn both played, which means they probably won't be redshirted. I would have liked to have seen both redshirt and I'd love to know why they played.

LAJ's Jeff Walker has his game story, where St. Francis' coach had some praise for Texas Tech's team:

"We came in against a tremendous opponent," St. Francis head coach Don Friday said. "Coach Knight, as he makes his identity here, that’s a fun brand of basketball that they’re going to play here for a long time. … No excuses. Coach Knight’s kids played tremendous. They played with great purpose and they played hard. They represented the university with a lot of class."

And Junior Knight on Nick Okorie, who led the team with 16 points:

"I thought Nick started off slow and then he can heat up," Knight said. "That’s Nick. … You either want to kill him or you love him. I didn’t like him very much at the beginning and then all of the sudden - in four or five minutes - I mean, the kid can score. He’s just an explosive player."



This wasn't posted until late yesterday, but here's the online version of the LAJ's 2008-2009 preview of both the men's and women's basketball teams.