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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Notes - Yearly Waste of Time Edition

Double-T Nation News:

BHGP Presents: Joe Paterno Makes A New Friend.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams writes that Captain Leach is only 7 from tying and 8 from passing Texas Tech's all-time record, Spike Dykes, of 82 wins. But more than that we have some Captain Leach quotable gold. Here's Captain Leach on the interest from other schools:

"We go through this every year,’’ he said Tuesday. "It’s a yearly ritual, and it’s a yearly waste of time. I don’t worry about any of it, and I don’t think of responses to tell them. I just think about the next game and the next practice.’’


"I don’t know. I’ve always figured I was going to be here, you know?’’

Can't we all agree that this is just wishful thinking by every other school with a coaching vacancy? That this isn't a story until it actually is a story? That any thing we hear is just speculation on everyone's part? If Leach leaves I'm pretty sure that I'm going to cry, and not the single tear running down my cheek type of cry, but one of those uncontrollable sobbings. The less I have to think about that, the better I am able to concentrate on other things. Okay?

Williams has his Red Raiders Football Notebook and mentions the Baylor game being close to a sellout, Brandon Sesay was back at practice with no comment on being held out of the Oklahoma State game, and Clay McGuire, who has had a rough go at it as special teams coach, said the special teams had a good day:

"I think that was the best they have done all year as far as kickoff coverage," McGuire said. "This is the first game we’ve had where the opponent didn’t get past the 25-yard line, which is a goal for us. And we did it against one of the best teams in the country on that unit. I was real pleased with our guys. I thought they played a complete game."

LAJ's Adam Zuvanich says that if he had a Heisman vote, he wouldn't vote for Crabtree or Harrell, but the Texas Tech offensive line.

DT's Alex Ybarra writes that neither OU or Texas Tech have a real advantage because each team has a bye meanwhile, Mike Graham writes that the national exposure that Texas Tech has received the past two weeks could mean $17.2 million in free advertising for Lubbock.

FWST's Dwain Price notes that Texas Tech is getting more comfortable on the national stage. QB Graham Harrell says that this team tries to go out and execute:

"After having some big wins against those kind of teams and understanding that we can compete with anyone, I think we’re confident in games," quarterback Graham Harrell said. "And no matter what happens we just try to stick to our game plan and continue to try to execute and do what we do in practice every day and just go out and have a good time."

ESPN's Pat Forde's Forde-Yard Dash looks at the matchups between the Big 12 and the SEC, from the first place teams to the last place teams -- advantage Big 12 (hat-tip to DTN user ttakacs for posting this earlier in the day):

Alabama vs. Texas Tech. Dash advantage: Texas Tech (6). What the Red Raiders have done the past two weeks trumps the Crimson Tide's achievements to date.'s Terry Bowden says that Captain Leach deserves to be a hot coach:

Don't get me wrong, I hope Leach is perfectly happy at Texas Tech and never leaves. I saw where athletic director Gerald Myers said this week that the school already is working on a new contract for Leach. Plus, if the Red Raiders can win the Big 12 South this season and make it to the conference championship game and maybe the national title game, there would be no reason to look for greener pastures.

But what happens when he starts hearing those voices in his head? I'm talking about the same voices that Mack Brown heard when he was at North Carolina and Rich Rodriguez heard at West Virginia. There is something about great competitors who want to be in the biggest arena. They want to go where they have the best athletes, the biggest stadiums, the most tradition. They want to go where doing a great job means playing for the national championship every season and not just a possible 10-win season.

ESPN interview with Graham Harrell's father, Sam Harrell:


Neglected Video: Fox34 on Texas Tech as the team looks forward to Oklahoma, with quotes from Crabtree, Morris, Batch, McBath and Duncan saying that only thing earned is a 10-0 record . . . and Captain Leach talking about the current plan Also make sure you stick with the first part of the video to hear the Captain say "click-clack . . . you know" . . .

Texas Tech Basketball:

Bob Knight is going to be an analyst for ESPN:

Bob Knight will be back on ESPN this year as a college basketball analyst -- and his role will expand.

Knight will work Thursday night game telecasts, appear on "SportsCenter," provide postseason studio analysis and be on ESPN Radio.

Knight will also be an analyst for select nonconference game telecasts other than Thursday and make Saturday appearances on "College GameDay."