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Hub City Homers #65: When will the bleeding stop?

Will the SEC challenge end the losing streak?

Losing is never fun. Losing five in a row is really not fun. Losing your first 8 big 12 games in a row? About as not fun as things can be.

With injuries pilling up and their backs against the wall, the Hub City guys talk about this continued slide and how Tech can finally pullout of the nosedive. Will the weak LSU Tiger squad offer a banged up Red Raider team a chance to finally get an elusive win?

And will that win flip the script on the season and spark a run? Only time will tell, but now is the time for winning. All margin for error has more than disappeared, and if Tech wants to salvage any momentum this season they have to do it right now.

Without Big Maple and the diaper dandy, they will have to give 110% effort, but they cannot fall on the road to LSU.