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INSTANT REACTION: Tech slapped down at home

Tech outhustled and outmuscled on the glass in blowout loss at home.

NCAA Basketball: West Virginia at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

An 8th straight loss for Texas Tech. 0-8 in Big 12 play. Pop Isaacs hurt, and Aimaq dealing with another foot injury.

Things are bleak in Lubbock right now on the hardwood, and tonight won’t spark much hope of a turn around.

Here are some stats for you from this ugly night. Tech forced 19 turnovers and had a 24 point advantage in scoring in the paint. They did this without Big Maple, and Batcho scoring 4 points. They did this with Isaacs neutralized and then going down after a nasty ankle injury. Where was this game lost? Two places, coaching and rebounds.

First let us talk about the hustle and toughness category, rebounding. Tech surrendered an unholy 19 rebounds on the defensive end, and was outrebounded on the night by 17 overall. Those are extra possessions that you cannot give up, extra possessions West Virginia just wanted more.

The team had 13 turnovers of their own tonight, but that isn’t newsworthy at this point. The total domination on the rebounding side of things is just shocking. Because a lot of these were scramble rebounds. Hustle and get on the floor rebounds.

Look, call me overly harsh but that drives me insane to see. Tech built their success on the backs of toughness and scrapping and street dog. These guys don’t look like they belong on the streets at all, they got bullied by West Virginia.

Don’t get me wrong, the officiating show took both teams completely out of rhythm. But it wasn’t like fouls weren’t being called on West Virginia, Tech just couldn’t overcome them and the Mountaineers could.

Pop Isaacs going down killed this team, but the true freshman was struggling from the field already and he was counting on the rest of the team to have his back tonight. They didn’t, as West Virginia ate alive whatever it is Tech calls an offense.

Speaking of that offense, oh my word is it awful. Now we come to the coaching side of what the hell is going wrong. Luke Adams or whatever assistant is calling that abomination doesn’t need to be let go at the end of the season, they need to be cut from the staff now. Whoever is responsible truly for it is stealing from Texas Tech right now. My grandma could figure out a better offense than whatever the f*&k we are doing on that end right now.

Mark Adams is also just not holding up his end of the bargain following his extension. The timeouts he calls always seem too late, after a run has already broken his team’s spirit. Every timeout into an out of bounds opportunity is a joke, I mean I don’t believe a single call of his has lead to a bucket. Half the time it looks like the calls are just pray for Isaacs or Harmon to make a desperate drive or deep shot.

The defense, his pride and joy, looks out of sorts and if West Virginia was a better shooting team Tech would have been run out of the gym. West Virginia shot a bad percentage from the field, but there were a lot of open looks from break downs and missed assignments.

It is well past time for a come to Jesus moment for this team. If tonight didn’t do it, it just will not happen.