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OPINION: Tuesday Thoughts on both basketball programs

My thoughts and opinions on everything going on

NCAA Basketball: Baylor at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Well, its the day before another Big 12 mens game against West Virginia. Its gross outside, and I thought I’d sit down and kinda just write out my thoughts on what is going on with both basketball programs right now.

Texas Tech finds itself in a very interesting position. For years our mens team has thrived and our women have struggled. Currently however, it seems to be the opposite. The men still have yet to win a conference game and the women are competing with the best teams in the conference.

NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at Texas Dustin Safranek-USA TODAY Sports

First, I’ll discuss the Men’s side: Quite bluntly, this team has been a disappointment. Were our expectations as a fan base too high? I don’t think so. I don’t recall seeing anyone claiming we had a shot at the national championship or really even a Big 12 championship. I think we all kind of expected a 3rd-5th place finish with a comfortable tournament bid, probably ranging around the 7-9 seed area. That seems fair. Not too lofty, but not too low either.

I won’t drag on about the past games, but I asked some of our writers on staff what they thought the leading issue for this team was, the issue that could be fixed in order for us to start winning games. The two overwhelming answers were the lack of an on floor leader, and lack of adjustments.

I can’t say I disagree. There are opportunities for this team to still win games. In fact, I still think this team wins 4 or 5 conference games. I think WVU at home should be the first one. Although I thought OU at home was a no brainer too. I think OSU is beatable, as is TCU at home. I also still think this team rattles off a win they have no business getting. I feel like every Big 12 team wins a head scratcher every year and we are due.

NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

But for any of that to happen, the problems need to be fixed. The 3 point defense, the offensive flow, just to name a couple.

Like I mentioned, after Tech hosts Iowa State on the 30th, we will be halfway through the conference slate and we will be able to tell if actual steps are being taken to improve by this team.


Krista Gerlich has the Women’s Basketball program trending in the right direction after last week’s win over #25 Texas at home.

Bre’Amber Scott had two incredible games back to back, scoring 37 at Kansas State in an 85-65 win, then 31 in the 68-64 win over Texas.

Texas Tech Athletics

The Lady Raiders are 3-4 in conference play, and 15-5 overall on the season. Bre’Amber Scott is leading this team with 17 ppg, 6 rpg, and Bryn Gerlich is leading in assists with four per game. There are 6 women averaging over 20 minutes per game, and despite a hard fought loss in Morgantown this past Saturday, Tech is a dangerous team that no one in this conference wants to face right now.

The Lady Raiders host Baylor this Saturday at 2:00 p.m. and are celebrating the 30th anniversary of their National Championship from 1993. If there was ever a game to get to, its this one.

The hype is growing around this program and they need our help to pack the USA as well.

On another note: Red Raider Baseball starts their season on February 17th at Dan Law Field against Gonzaga.

Meanwhile, Softball season starts February 10th for the Lady Raiders, however, they don’t have a home game until March 3rd against Rutgers, followed by a matchup against Seton Hall.

Spring sports are heating up despite the weather in Lubbock, and I’m excited.

Let’s get that first conference win tomorrow and get back on track.

It always will be: Wreck’Em.