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Hub City Homers #64: The slide continues

When does the bleeding stop?

Much could be said about Texas Tech’s current slide in basketball. The lack of mental toughness, the lack of defense, the streaky offense, the coaching, there are so many areas of concern for this team.

But the easiest way to say it is just that Tech is a bad basketball team right now. Close is not good enough at 10-8 on the year with zero even halfway decent wins and a now mountain of losses.

The NCAA tournament is not technically off the table, but the team has to go on a run and they have to do it right now. From what we have see this year, that is a tall order. But the talent is there, the execution and coaching just has to be too.

Another tough night await with Kansas State up next. This will be a true battle, and Tech is fighting for its season. Can they find some magic?