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Hub City Homers #41: Realignment is back and worse than ever

Well, it happened once again.

Once again, realignment is back to make a mess of college sports. Once again unprecedented greed has made another set of teams abandon long standing rivalry, tradition, and common care of its athletes to leap into another conference for a huge payday.

USC and UCAL, two faded powers who have long since been relevant in college football, have leveraged their market and brands to head to the Big 10. Who cares that this will ruin the academic schedules of their athletes? Who cares that traveling to Rutgers for a weekend baseball series is absolutely brutal and incredibly expensive?

The guys break down this development, what it means for the sport, and much more importantly what it means for Tech. Can the Big 12 now go on offense? Who should they target? Is there any chance the PAC12 can stop the bleeding or is their fate now sealed?

I hate this for college sports, but it does open a world of possibilities for the conference. Listen in on what the guys think happens next!