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Hub City Homers #40: A year in review

The offseason is long and full of terror.

One full year since we started this podcast. We are in our second dead period as a podcast, a full sporting season down.

This experiment of an unedited, largely on the fly podcast has been quite the ride. Tech athletics are in a state of change, with lofty expectations and a renewed sense of excitement. But to look ahead, Jack and I decided to take a look back.

We talk about the decision Kirby made to move on from Wells, the highs and lows of basketball, and what went wrong with baseball and how can those lessons be applied to next season.

Thanks for listening to us, and as long as one of you all out there continue to be interested we will keep recording! Stay tuned for a lot more exciting content, as we all count down the long offseason to football and the start of the Joey McGuire era.