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Hub City Homers #36: Can Tech win the thing?

The Sooners stand between Tech and the title.

Jack and Kendall have the mic solo tonight, and after a massive weekend in Tech baseball there is a lot to talk about. Besides just the immediate Big 12 title on the line, can Tech really secure a hosting spot this weekend?

Or will, heaven forbid, the Big 12 tournament actually have some sway over who will end up with the coveted hosting spots?

Tune in to this great episode and be looking for more content after the series this weekend! Hopefully we will all be celebrating a Big 12 title, maybe with some strong beverages where we look back over the trials of this season and laugh at our doubts.

Whatever happens, one hell of a season has unfolded and all the credit to Tadlock for getting this team through the worst of the turmoil. Three to play, and everything to play for. Just pray that the pitching is on, and the bats are hot!