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Hub City Homers #61: Regular season ends with a bang

One last wild ride on Senior Night for the Red Raiders.

That was perhaps the craziest end of the year possible for Texas Tech. Besides the history made on that night (the list being quite long there), the overall game was just about as bonkers as you could imagine.

It was a cold night in Lubbock and the Red Raiders looked cold early. But, they warmed up in the second quarter and went on quite the tear to eventually defeat the Oklahoma Sooners in overtime.

The guys break down the game itself, talking a lot about the grit and tenacity of the team to stay in the fight after the disastrous start. They talk Kittley’s best game as an OC, the struggles of the defense on the back end, finding a way to make a few winning plays, Shough’s leadership, and more.

After that, they talk about the season overall. Were expectations met? Did the program progress to the next step? What would a bowl game victory mean for the program?

Then the guys shift to talking about some hoops, briefly recapping Maui and talking about the team so far. This was a really surreal experience because as we recorded the team blew a 23 point lead to Georgetown and you can perhaps hear me get noticeably more frustrated as the lead slipped away.

Great first season for the program under Coach McGuire, and one more left to play!