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Hub City Homers #58: Rock the Jayhawks

Kansas comes to town as the season winds down, and basketball season is underway in Raiderland!

I absolutely destroyed my voice at the TCU game. So badly that here we are days later and I sound like I smoke about 10 packs of cigarettes a day. Reed was unable to make the session as well, but never fear Jack and Kendall were up to carrying the load!

The episode is split fairly evenly between three distinct topics, recapping the loss in Fort Worth, looking ahead to a night game against the Jayhawks of Kansas, and talking about what we saw after the opening tip of basketball season.

Cramming all of that into an hour was quite the task, but the guys were up for it! The guys breakdown what keeps causing the offensive slowdowns, how to handle the QB situation, and preview what to expect against a suddenly competitive Kansas squad. Then, on the hardwood they talk about the exciting new three point shooting, the Batcho Hive, and some very early signs from game one.